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                當前位置 劇情片 《如何成為大壞蛋》


                類型:劇情  德國  2017 

                主演:莫里茲·布雷多 艾瓦拉·胡弗茨 法赫里·亞迪姆 

                導演:Marco Petry 




                14歲的莉莉絲的生活與一個正常的青少年相似,但也有一個特點:她是魔鬼的女兒,和他一起生活在地獄里。因為她在那里完全無聊,想玩得開心,想探索世界,所以她和父親訂了一個協議:允許她去地球一個星期,但她必須把好人變成壞人。如果她在這一挑戰中取得成功,她可能會永遠留在地球上;否則她將陷入地獄般枯燥的工作,簿記在黑社會。 The life of 14-year-old Lilith is similar to that of a normal teenager, but there is a peculiarity: she is the daughter of the devil and lives with him in hell. Because she is totally bored there and wants to have fun and explore the world, she makes a pact with her father: she will be allowed to go to earth for a week – but she has to convert a good person to evil there. If she succeeds in this challenge, she may stay on earth forever; otherwise she will be stuck in a hell of a boring job bookkeeping in the underworld.


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